Real name:

Chris Kelly

First Apperance:

(Fictional) Hi Octane Comics # 1
(Real) Big Bang Comics # 1


Similar to Superman

Based on


Utliman is a hero based on Superman that joined the Round Table of America.

Ficitional History

Earth A

Chris Kelly got exposed to a radioactive meteor, during the Project Gemini spacecraft incident. In the process, he gained "Ultra-Powers".  So he became Empire City's number one super hero! He wears gloves, while his Earth B counterpart wears a belt.

Earth B

Chris Kelly was a 4-F reject that had a car accident involing a meteor that him "Ultra-Powers". He wears a belt, while his Earth A counterpart wears a gloves.


Kelly's daughter was exposed the meteor giving her his powers.


  • Flight
  • Ultra-Strength
  • Ultra-Speed
  • Laser-Vision- Similar to Heat Vision



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