Real Name:

Chefren Ra

First Appearance:

Big Bang Comics # 9 (Image Comics)


Comupterized helmet

Based on:

Hawkman with elements of Iron Man


Chefren Ra was from alternate reailty (not the main Earth A or B), where the Egyptian Empire was the world power. He used some of his research to go to Earth A. There he became Peter Chefren in Jefferson City. He used his techology from his reality to become a superhero and maked new tech "aimed at making the world a better place". 

He was popular with the public and the police.

Lately, he gave his power helmet to Allison Kane.


His computerize helmet makes him:

  • Super Strong
  • Bullet-Proof via a force field
  • Able to create metal wings
  • Fire a laser

The helmet has a phone in it.



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