Publishing HistoryEdit

Dr weird

Dr. Weird

Dr. Weird is the only Big Bang character to have a real publication history. He was created by the "Texas Tiro" and appeared in Star Studded Comics with the Eye, Xal-Kor, Powerman, the Human Cat, White Dragon and Blade. But, Gary Carlson (Big Bang Comics co-creator and writer) bought the rights to the character.

Fictional HistoryEdit

Dr. Rex Ward was a 24th century scientist that built a time machine that sent him to 1940 (the place the Silver Age comics happen) and got killed. He was denied access into the afterlife "for dying before" he was born. So he return to Earth as a ghostly superhero.

The Crisscross CrisisEdit

Dr. Weird was the first to notice that Earths A and B were going to crash into each other. So he use his super strength to stop him. He was given super strength equal to the two Ultimen, Beacons and Blitzes and stopped the Crisis.


In the 1990s, Dr. Weird gained dark red eyes and his muscle tone expanded tenfold.


  • Intangibility- Can phase through objects
  • Sixth Sense- Can detect evil
  • Teleportion
  • "Death Stare"- Can turn people to stone by looking at them.
  • Can Talk to the Dead


His name seems to be based off of Dr. Strange and even looks like him. His powers are similar to the Spectre. However, Howard Keltner (his creator) says he is based on MLJ Magazines' hero Mr. Justice.