Blitz (Earth A)

Real Name:

Jimmy Travis

First Appearance:

Big Bang # 3 "Crisscross Crisis" (Caliber)


Super Speed

Based on:


While in a race, Jimmy Travis was knocked off the road by his German rival Helmut Schletmann. He discovered a cave that was once a Nazi lab. He discovered a chemical labeled "Blitz-Geschidigkeit" and a red and yellow suit labeled "Ubermensch". Gamblers from the race tried to kill Jimmy, but only scared him. He split the chemical on his clothes. While seemly unaffected, his clothes dissolved. He put on the "Ubermensch" suit to cover himself up. He soon stopped the gamblers with super speed the chemical gave him. He used his speed to destory Helmut's car (called the "Der Blitz") and got in back and win the race. The quick-temper speedster dicided to become the hero "Blitz". He founded the Round Table of America and got a sidekick Cyclone. He died in an explosion in the 1980s.